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Things to Know before Applying Home Mortgage via Perumnas Website

Some people think that it is impossible to have a house. The main reason is because of its expensive price. It seems that their monthly salary can’t reach the price. Due to this problem, Perumnas is trying to give a solution for those who need a new house for their beloved family. Perumnas is offering special home mortgage program. You may check the information about home mortgage via Perumnas website.

Before applying for home mortgage program presented by Perumnas, you should consider several important things. First, you should be an Indonesian and you still don’t have any house yet. It is the same with the vision and mission of Perumnas to give affordable house for first time buyers with medium monthly salary. Second, you should check your monthly salary first. If you earn not more than 4 million rupiah or 7 million rupiah per month, you may apply home mortgage via Perumnas website. You also have to be 21 years old before applying to this program. Third, complete your personal document such as a copy of ID card, monthly salary information, family information, copy of bank account, and many more. For complete information about personal document you need to send, just go to Perumnas website. It is very important to consider so you can be approved fast.

Fourth, you should have good credit score or history from your bank. This requirement is very important for Perumnas before approving your home mortgage application. You will get several benefits by following home mortgage via Perumnas website. Let say, the down payment is affordable. Moreover, Perumnas is trying to offer a house with affordable monthly payment. It hopes that the monthly payment doesn’t disturb your daily needs. The most important thing, Perumnas is using high quality materials and developers so you can get comfortable place to stay with your beloved family. It is also related to the strategic location and it helps you to get easy access to go anywhere you want. To make sure about the location and the quality of the house, you may go to the closest location from your living area. The Perumnas official website gives you complete information about this home mortgage program including the locations in Indonesia.

So, what do you think about home mortgage via Perumnas website ? Just learn about the requirements and start to apply. Hopefully, your application is approved and you can get a new house you have been dreaming of for a long time with your lovely family.